About ZOEX

By shifting of the patients’ own blood to critical areas not only serves to reverse shock, but also provides the equivalent of a self transfusion of approximately one pint of blood. Fifty percent of civilian trauma deaths occur within one hour of injury from fatal bleeding or nervous system shock. An additional 30% of civilian trauma deaths occur within 2–3 hours as a result of internal hemorrhage. Quick application of the ZOEX NIASG can save lives! Also, by reducing the need for standard blood transfusions, the risk of diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis is also reduced.

Additional benefits of the ZOEX NIASG make it far superior to traditional inflatable anti-shock garments. The ZOEX NIASG is puncture proof, cannot leak, and maintains a constant, safe pressure at altitude. These facts make it ideal for air rescue and extreme temperature conditions. It has a long shelf life and can be machine-washed for reuse. However, because it is constructed of high quality, yet low cost materials, the ZOEX NIASG can also be considered disposable in order to further reduce the risk of transmission of infectious diseases.


Saves Lives
  • Anti-shock Trauma
  • Women that hemorrhage in childbirth (PPH)
  • No metal parts: safe for X-rays and MRIs
  • Groin access
  • Reusable
  • Reduces blood transfusions
  • Maintains constant pressure during elevation and temperature changes
  • Authentic NIASG/NASG First Aid Device
  • FDA 510k
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